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Supply Partners
In addition to supplying it’s own manufactured products, Cambridge Connectors acts as a Distributor/Representative for the following manufacturers.

FCT Group
Cambridge Connectors is an authorised distributor for FCT Group.
FCT Group has its head quarters in Germany and manufactures a wide range of Connectors, Hoods, Contacts and Accessories for the D-Subminiature connector range for use in industrial, medical, aerospace and automotive applications.

Sullins Electronics Corp. (Incorporating Micro Plastics) Based in San Marcos, California since 1971, Sullins provides the widest selection of UL and CUL Edgecard connectors available in the industry including: -
Edgecard connectors from .039 (1.0mm), .050, .100, .125, .150, .156 spacing. Recent additions include make before break and bi-level options.
Headers complement the edgecard line. These include a range of .100” and 2mm contact centre options in both male and female versions.

Perlos-Valukumpu Connectors. Perlos’ back panel connector range has applications in base stations as well as in switches, transmission systems and industrial control units. As well as the unique 1/4 body size, the DIN 41612 range includes connector types, B, C, C/2, C/4, Q, R/4, M, D as well as versatile housing and cable connector systems.

Advanced Layout Design    
Sullins Electronics (Incorporating Micro Plastics) provides the widest selection of UL and CUL Edgecard connectors available in the industry
PCB Design & Signal Integrity Analysis


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