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Our Quality


Quality Policy

This policy has been established to review and address good practice by enhancing with continual improvement of the business risk, strategy and needs of all activities at Cambridge Electronic Industries Ltd.

The elements of the policy will be reviewed and approved at the planned management review meetings and will include any known and potential risks from interested parties.
Objective Elements include:

  • Customer partnership relations and expectations
  • Technology capability and potential innovation
  • Environmental impacts of our activities
  • Employee welfare and care
  • Latest legislative requirement compliance
  • Reviewing Business Objectives (Quality Objectives)
  • Add any other element stated in the standard

The risk review will be completed by all senior management and suitably recorded at each review to meet the requirements of the Business Strategy and ISO 9001:2015.
Any change of strategic direction must be included with a review of this policy
This policy will be communicated and refreshed after any changes and at least annually with all employees and is available electronically within the BRM.
Uncontrolled hard copy will be available on company notice boards. It will be made available to all interested parties upon receipt of written request approved by senior management.

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