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Real 75 Ohm Coaxial Connectors

Cambridge Connectors
Real 75 Ohm coaxial connectors for SMPTE 424M applications

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  • DIN 1.0/2.3 >>
  • Mini BNC >>
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High definition broadcast applications are pushing the operating parameters of interconnection products to the limit. To help meet these demands, Cambridge Connectors has designed a new range of Real 75 ohm coaxial connectors which operate at the increased bandwidth and frequencies now required for HD Serial Digital Video environments. In addition to BNC connectors which are widely used in broadcast applications, mini BNC and 1.0/2.3 have also been developed by Cambridge Connectors to operate in 3GHz HD SDI (SMPTE 424) environments where their reduced size offer increased wiring densities.
All are RoHS compliant.>>more

2 Part BNC Connectors - PCB Inners
2 Part BNC Connectors - Bulkhead " Outers"
PCB Edge Mtg with location webs
PCB Standard Edge Mounting
Low Profile R/A PCB Mount BNC Connector
Surface Mount Low Profile R/A PCB Mounting
R/A PCB Mount for PCI Express
R/A Surface Mount BNC for PCI Express
4 Pin Top Entry PCB Mounting
3 Pin Top Entry PCB Mounting
2 Pin Top Entry PCB Mounting
Top Entry PCB Mounting
Top Entry PCB Mounting
BNC Cable Mounting 3G Coaxial Connectors
Comparison between BNC and 1.0/2.3 Connectors
Two Part Design for Rapid Board Swapping
Two Part Design for Rapid Board Swapping
Two Part R/A PCB Mounting Design
PCB Edge Mounting
Right Angle PCB Mounting
Top Entry Bulk Head PCB Mounting


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