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12 GHz Coaxial RF Connectors for 4K Quad ULTRA HD TV

Cambridge Connectors
12 GHz Precision Coaxial Connectors for High Speed High Definition Video Applications such as 4K "ULTRA HD" TV

  • One single connection for each 12 GHz channel
  • BNC and Micro BNC ranges available
  • Includes Right Angle, End Launch and top entry PCB mounting Sockets
  • Cable Plugs for Belden 1694A Cable

Until now, to communicate at the Bitrates associated with Ultra High Definition Television (referred to variously as “Ultra HD”, “UHD”, “UHDTV”, “4K UHD”) it has been necessary to employ 2 or even 4 channels. With these new 12 GHz connectors, BNC and Micro BNC, from Cambridge Connectors it is now possible to achieve 6 and 12 Gbits/s Bitrates utilising a single channel. Belden 1694A cable terminated plug styles are also available .>>more


BNC Range

12GHz Top Entry PCB Mounting BNC Connector
12GHz BNC R/A PCB Mounting
12GHz Edge Mounting BNC Connector
12GHz BNC Cable Ended Connector

Professional BNC Plug for Belden 1694A

Standard BNC Plug for Belden 1694A


Micro BNC Range

12 GHz PCB Edge Mounting Micro BNC
12 GHz RA PCB Bulk Head Mtg
12GHz Micro BNC 3 Pin Top Entry PCB Mounting C-SX-153 (Long) C-SX-140(short)
Micro BNC Cable ended Plug
Top Entry 3 Pin / 4 pin PCB Mtg
C-SX-153 (Long) C-SX-140 (Short)
Cable ended Plug

ALS Logo  

PCB Design & Signal Integrity Analysis
To ensure that the high performance of its connector range is maintained throughout the system, Cambridge Connectors is partnered with Advanced Layout Solutions (ALS), one of the largest printed circuit board design bureaux in the UK. ALS is able to take on the most challenging projects whilst still meeting tight deadlines and is the only PCB design bureau in the UK that verifies its designs using in-house signal integrity analysis. Further information can be found on their website at: -



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